Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Nordic media and journalism scholar, journalism and media educator, research communications professional, as well as an educational and research community developer, and this is my personal homepage.

Please take a look at my newest books:

You may also want to take a look at my faculty member page at the University of Gothenburg (Nordicom), follow me on Twitter (@maaritjii) or Mastodon (@maaritjii@mastodon.social), Google Scholar, Academia.edu or NordMedia Network, or contact me on LinkedIn or Facebook. For my e-mail addresses, see the contact details.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please note that there is a double-a twice (both in Maarit and Jaakkola) and a double-k (Jaakkola) in my name, which is of Finnish origin. My name is pronounced /ˈmɑːrɪt ˈjɑːkːolɑ/.