Journalism education in the Nordic countries from a comparative perspective

The Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland have similar societal models and educational systems. This means that the ways how journalism education has been adopted to the educational system in these countries are relatively similar. However, there are also significant differences in the approaches, even if the ‘Nordic model of journalism education’, similar to the ‘Nordic welfare model’ and the ‘Nordic media system’, is often discussed as one monolithic group.

This thematic entity of research focuses on the characteristics of the structures and pedagogies in the Nordic higher education system. First, it is interested in the characteristics of journalism education in each Nordic country and how the Nordic journalism education models differ from each other. Second, the research focuses on Finland that was the first Nordic country to start the academic education of journalists.

Time period: 2016–2019
Financed by: Nordplus, Nordicom, University of Tampere
Persons: Maarit Jaakkola (PI), Panu Uotila (PhD Student)


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